photo bb37d9ed-2503-488b-ab14-aa71da194d52.jpg The Driver of Mischief
August 14th, 2014

Religion is a substantial part of humanity. It morphs one’s character and beliefs. From there everything follows. We learn of morals following the set of standards that religion has set for us. We believe in certain icons. Our belief system gets questioned by ourselves and others. It’s an invisible gridline for every decisions that requires verdict from good and bad. This is religion’s role basically and it clearly has no intention to control. It was made by human in an effort to believe in a higher form of being, the almighty God that judges our actions and perhaps set a course of multipossible options for everyone based on the first step we make.
Karma is a belief from Hinduism in which good invites good. Blessing is a belief from Catholics that good gives back good. Nirvana is a belief from Buddhism that goodness leads to a place of epic goodness or whatever. No matter what religion you believe, everyone speaks of order and peace because it is like I mentioned its primary role; become a gridline to make right decisions.
I had a professor back then that opened up a theory that the religion Catholicsm was used by the medieval men to promote order and at the same time control the colonized areas. There was a time when donations to the church became mandatory (as ironic as it sounds), oblige people to attend crusades and religious practices of such. This came from a country in which as far as my comprehension can say is also infamous for murder.
It led me thinking that somehow Catholicsm isnt far from any other religion. It was created from someone who had a clear sense of judgement and had access to the Almighty Being above, this story is applicable to most belief system existing. As so to speak, what if it were created from a group of people wanting to create another society or control them. I remember Nero and Caligula, devious and merciless. Used own beliefs to slay citizens who follow Christianity as a practice. This fact triggered people’s fear to believe but such individual didnt really affect mass populace, catholicsm spreads even with such occurence in the said country. Why? Believing doesnt hurt anyone in the process. People hurt people but not religion. It’s only natural for people to fear the unknown or any threat to their life. Your beliefs might stop from there but it doesnt change you in total because you were already morphed by your own standards and rules.
Jumping forth centuries from medieval back to us, hasnt religion changed through the course of time? Conspiracy theories arising from left to right and some of us remain loyal to traditions. I myself believe in God even though I dont see Him or felt an omnipotent message of some sort. Justice doesnt necessarily comes from believing in icons or Gods, they came from society. Sometimes we somehow offer the right actions for the higher being, are we not? We believe in Karma, Blessings or Nirvana. We want to feel fulfilled as if we followed the right algorithm programmed by religion and on top of that the next result it shall produce matters. In science we simply explain this as the law of interaction and supported by Probability and Statistics.
The huge difference between believing science and religion is that the latter one gives you that sense of fulfillment, an accomplishment. The other only allows you to add data, increasing percentage or proving theorems. So what has this made me realize? Religion like the basic cognitive feelings (love, trust, hate) are activities inside us that we dont see but we believe in it. We feel it. We can control it. Im not here to fight that government and religion should be separate because we’ve read far too much on that. Im just saying that if both are created by people, both an invention, then they should be used by our beliefs to create a barrier against misunderstanding, wrath or any disarrangements.

August 2nd, 2014
When life gives you lemon, ask why not a watermelon.
August 1st, 2014
New Buddy :))

New Buddy :))

June 30th, 2014

Walking alone and thinking of stuff. Wondering whether somebody wonders the same as you. Thinking far away. Lightyears away. Hoping that someone can hear your thoughts right now. As comedic as it sounds, sometimes I put so much efforts in my thoughts. Cinematic phase of here and there. Switching in and out there in the horizon to someone I dont know, a silhouette of a person talking, continuing my imagination. 

June 24th, 2014
New Banner. Depicts my adventurous side. (Taken at Mt. Batulao)

New Banner. Depicts my adventurous side. (Taken at Mt. Batulao)

June 20th, 2014

A Letter to Society

The city. The skyline. The people. They all move in coordination trying to achieve one thing. This very unreachable thing is a reason for one to fight for their existence. We all have individual needs, dreams and favors but they all strive to achieve harmony. Harmony among others, oneself and the world. 

That kind of sound like a hero’s speech but harmony here is selfish. What you want will always have a contradiction among others. You battle these contrasts with hopes of approval. As long as “individuality” exists we can’t have synchronized opinions towards things. We will constantly debate among ourselves. This is the beauty of opinions, a point after point. The stand we try to make are neither right nor wrong because it is an opinion. The only time it’s judged is when we lay down morals and ethics at line. Not only that, it’s when this opinion is publicized and then social morality comes out. This is when people say whether you’re fucking nuts or a genius. 

If everything is put into just words, there would only be war among brains and tongue. It’s an endless debate. What if tomorrow you die and all the stuff you want to say ends and left rotten? Haven’t we all noticed these scenario nowadays? Even among ourselves? With the growing change in economy, generation and relationships, we all have something to comment. We all have something we want to change. 

June 6th, 2014

Write what? Write something meaningful or out of the blue? In a random way or should it be precise and following a format? Im just all run out. I lack fieldwork I s’pose. :( The four corners of my room seals my brain to its dormant stage. My imagination is depleting. :(

May 12th, 2014

Lecheng Pagibig to’

Hihinga ka ng malalim pero yung bigat ng situasyon nandoon at nandoon pa din. Walang magbabago. Uulitin mo ng uulitin humihiling na sana kasama ng paghinga mo eh kasama na yung problemang dinadala mo. Kung ganoon lang kadali ang lahat sana nabawasan yung mga gabing nasayang na inisip-isip mo ang mga bagay na bukod sa walang kwenta daw eh kinakasira mo pa. Tinitiis mo kasi may parte sa sarili mo na inaangat yung kalungkutan mo. Lumulutang ka sa kawalan, Nawawala yung sense mo sa reality. Ito yung mga bagay na hinahanap-hanap ng damdamin mo. Tapos tatanong ka sa mga tao sa paligid mo, maghahanap ka ng best advice pero alam mo sa sarili mo kung ano dapat mo gawin. Pero kahit alam mo gawin, di mo naman alam kung tama. Kung alam mo naman tama, iisipin mo naman kung makakasakit ka. Kung iisipin mo naman na masakit, baka naman mali. Walang katapusang “algorithm”. Mundong nakaka-gago. Kaya minsan sarap na lang takasan, ilaan sa alak na ito lahat. Kahit panandalian man lang, maranasan yung pagkalimot.

Mukha nga lang tanga.Noong bata ako galit na galit ako sa papa ko dahil lagi ko na lang naririnig na “para makalimot” pag umiinom siya, tapos gagawin ko din pala. -_- Saklap. Marijuana na lang.    

Madali magdesisyon, mahirap lang gawin. Madali magsalita, mahirap lang malaman kung ano susunod na mangyari.