The Driver of Mischief
November 4th, 2013


October 28th, 2013

Hi Kuya Raf, nagkita na kayo ni Franze?hahahaha
Asketh - Anonymous

WAIT!? Umuwi siya dito? You have to tell me.

October 26th, 2013

Thanks for that advice. #RealizedSomething
Asketh - kevmargallo

Always glad to help. :D

Dont ask where it went wrong. You’d end up feeling more sorry for yourself. Instead thank the person and smile. Forge that pain with bravery. It is only by that very smile did we help the person move on with ease. Even though it’s unfair at all angle at your side, someday tables will turn around, someday they will ask what went wrong and you’d just thank them again and never give an answer. ^_^

October 19th, 2013
It’s the climb. #asian #friends #pinoypride #pinoymountain #picodeloro #medyobadboy #instacollage #barkadatrip #cute #photooftheday #potd

It’s the climb. #asian #friends #pinoypride #pinoymountain #picodeloro #medyobadboy #instacollage #barkadatrip #cute #photooftheday #potd

October 12th, 2013

It doesnt even matter how we got here. It doesn’t matter who the eff you’ve been with. As far as an average person knows, we’re both deeply shot by some crappy cupid. I admit. I loved a person at the wrong time in a wrong way. Although I kind of feel that the feeling is perfectly molded by destiny. I told myself it cant disappear. Some part of me wanted to just evacuate the body it is acting on, somehow, well maybe it will straighten things up. What am I saying? Well, I hope you get the idea.

That is why my friends told me, I am never meant for love. Love is complicated for someone who is complicated. Fine, it’s wrong to manage ideas. Compel them into greatness, make it seem everything is right for people even though it’s wrong. Basically like a sales talk from a demon. It’s not something to brag when the whole thing is a weakness and absolutely wrong. The ability to do such thing makes one away from the right thing. How did I grow? How can I tell myself that what I am right now is a grown man, a wise man? By the consequences of those actions of course. One wrong thing to multiple others. It’s the failure that made me where I am. Perhaps they were intentional failures in some way. Well of curse they are. I have never predicted yet the effects, if I did then maybe I could have acted sooner, acted smarter but if it were intentional then I cant have acted better, then that would have defeated the purpose of bringing myself into the battlefield . Never be the guy who steps to the future too much.It’s basically like walking towards the tanks first. Everything goes slow and steady. Trust me when I say those images of tomorrow are nothing but pure blur. Overthinking , it’s never bad, what is bad is overthinking outside of today and the distant tomorrow. Don’t go too far. You’d expect and be all down (or suicidal whatever) . It all comes down to narrowing down oneself into thinking, hey it’s painful but I needed this. Trying and Pain are cousins of success. A twitch of disappointments and a flicker of chances make a good comeback someday.

October 5th, 2013

Let me quickly review my dash whenever I go online:

  • Funny images which I assume 3/4 are from 9gag
  • Vanity chronicles from a fellow friend, Instagram.
  • Porn
  • One liners that are funny
  • One liners trying to be funny
  • Movie gifs

Where are the text posts? The funny activities?:( What Happened here?

October 3rd, 2013

I would have jump to the crap wherein I’d say “Hey can I kiss you?”

But everyone has to go and be so courteous and be like "Hey I miss you" or “How was your day?” and all kind of stupid crap similar to this.