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October 26th, 2012

Quick Confessions of a Conyo: “Malling Tip”

Yeah. Would you know? Kung magsasalita ka in English mas i-aassist ka ng salesperson rather than the other na gamit ang own language? Well one, for the fact na you sound rich and will gonna buy kaya ka mas papakinggan.

I actually tried awhile ago, sa mint.

One heck of a laugh pagkatapos. So I was finding a coat para sa uhm crazy idea ko na zombie civilian bla-bla. Anyway that is not even importante here. So pagenter ko ng mint. I walked boldly, I mean parang kumain me ng one gallon of confidence. That’s exactly how I look and you guys should look din when you make gawa-gawaa this. Seriously.

I picked this coat and I didn’t look at the salesperson, I pouted. Yes, nagpacute ako with riveting twist of pailang-ilang me. Parang nasa decision making stage. Then this other girl and guy beside me, nagshoshopping nagtanong sila kay ate. I, being awesome, tinanong ko si ate, in mild english.

"So ate, I was wondering, bagay kaya to sa white polo. What do you think?"

BOOM! Nakangiti si ate.

"Ano po yun?"

Ay di pala ako na comprehend ni ate. One more time guys!

"So ate, I was thinking, would a white polo shirt match?"

Tumungo si ate. She even offered that I fit it but I said “No” at sinabi ko na I need to make sigurado and that I know that it would fit me well.

My point being is that mas inassist niya ako further at tumayo siya beside me kasi I look as if I’m going to buy which in reality, not yet. HAHA. I even asked 5 questions before making labas and the closing line.

"You know ate, I’ll just return. I will have to go back, tignan ko pa kung approve girlfriend ko."

Pero single naman talaga ako. Forever. May masabi lang. Baka isipin pa-english english pa to’ not going to buy naman pala.

  1. ickosystem said: SM Sta. Rosa ba ‘yaaan? :D
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  3. hoaxbywill said: hahaha
  4. umaasaparinsayo said: You do what you always do. :) I miss you paeng.
  5. aristletheturtle said: one heck of a laugh talaga xD
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